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The New England Provisions Company ships only Hard Shelled Lobsters that have not shed their shells. These lobsters are full of firm meat. They are not watery or spongy. They meat will not shrink after cooking. This is crucial to having a sucessful party where all of the lobsters are alive and cook up perfectly. They cost a little bit more but you get twice the amount of meat from a hard shelled lobster.

Special Advisory Information: Summer, New Shell, Soft Lobsters caused by shedding their shell are being marketed and shipped through out the US. It's that time of year. The lobsters that shed are by no means a bargain. Often they cook up mushy and the lobster is a total loss dissapointing both the guest and the host. The false marketing of these lobsters as being Grade A is incorrect. They are actually Grade C. We do not deal with them. 

The Summer Heat is upon us. It means only overnight delivery for live lobsters. With Frozen lobsters using second day delivery might cause partial thawing.

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How to save money on delivery charges:
Cheaper Standard Overnight guaranteed service is typically the choice for most states in cool weather under 80 Degrees but is not guaranteed during hot weather. Since we ship Grade A hardshells and pack carefully loss has not been a factor in afternoon deliveries for full & half cartons. If it is hot use Priority One especially with smaller lobster paks to be covered by guarantee.
Delivery to place of work is usually before noon and you can save on delivery by using Standard Delivery.

In even cooler weather 50 degrees 2nd Delivery is good to save money on live lobster shipping. While it is not covered for live guarantee; it is a very good way to keep costs down saving usually 50% in shipping. Call for advice.
Second Day Delivery is the best choice for Frozen Items shipped with Dry Ice. 50% Savings
We can also ship live lobster with Second Day in cool weather 45 to 50 Degrees guarantee does not apply.

NEXT DAY HOME DELIVERY which is very inexpensive is now being offered in the Eastern States
It is available in all Zip Codes in MA, ME, RI,CT.  and  in parts of NY,NJ,NH,VT for the following available zip codes starting with :010-128. If outside the specified zip codes delivery will be a two day delivery.

To save on the difference of Priority V.S. Standard you can pick up next day at 9 AM at UPS & Fed Ex Customer Centers if you live nearby to save up to 9 hours off of afternoon delivery while paying Standard Rates. Applies to most Second day deliveries too. Great for hot weather problems.
Please read our shipping Policy.

For over 80 pound orders, You'd be surprised on how much you can save on shipping if you live near an international airport. Freight savings can be 50% to 70% on shipping by Airline Air Cargo to customers close to major airports for customer pick up. It is also much faster in shipping time and is refrigerated.