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New England Provisions Company BBB Business Review
BBB® A+ Rating

Debit & Credit Cards
Accepted in Store

The New England Provisions Company respects your privacy. Our company will not market to you through email or regular mail.We do not collect any personal information concerning your account. Your email will only be used once to notify you that your order was placed with the tracking number. Your phone number will only be used if we need to reach you before or during shipping. Any and all information collected on this site is kept strictly confidential and will not be stored, sold or disclosed to third parties. Any information you give to us will be held in confidence and will not be used or stored in anyway by us. Your shipping information will be deleted by us after satisfactory delivery of our product. We will never email you for advertising any product. We feel that if you like our product and would like to purchase another shipment; you will know where and how to find us. The product speaks for itself. We do not require nor allow an account log in and do not store vital information.Your credit card information is 100% secure through a state of the art cypher program by PayPal. Absolutely no one has access to this information. All credit card information is encrypted and is not forwarded to our company. If you feel more secure by calling in your order, please do so; many of our customers prefer talking to our staff directly. You card information will still be encrypted by PayPal and VeriSign. Calling in is the most secure form of ordering. If you found our site using Google, Google retains only the fact that one of our web pages was clicked on for opening. This is only an informational tool used by Google to inform our company which pages are most frequently visited. It retains no information or IPO address from the user nor does it pass on the information to any other source. It only makes note that the page was viewed. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines. THE NEW ENGLAND PROVISIONS COMPANY STANDS BY THIS CONTRACT TO YOU. WE ONLY DEAL IN LOBSTERS NOT SPAM. Sincerely, Chris Morrison President